OVER 140 CUMULATIVE YEARS OF PROVEN INVESTMENT and management performance in small to mid-cap businesses


We have a proven track record of creating and growing value through partnerships

ReignRock is a growth and operations-focused, Dallas-based private equity firm which invests in lower-middle market companies exhibiting a strong potential for growth.  Our partners have been operating and investing in companies for the past thirty years.   We have executed over 120 transactions in our combined careers, and we have contributed to over $5.8B in value creation.  Our varied skill sets, as well as the proven experience that comes from successfully investing in and managing businesses in various economic cycles, combine to provide significant value to management teams.

Over the years, the ReignRock partners have established a substantial network of diverse capital sources which allows us to tailor our investments to meet the unique needs of each strategic partnership we pursue.  While many private equity firms are under pressure to exit investments and make investments in response to independent fund timing restrictions, we have dedicated, long-term capital which allows our management teams to focus entirely on creating stakeholder value without the distraction of fund life exits or required recapitalizations.  ReignRock provides capital to privately-held businesses to facilitate buyouts, recapitalize enterprises and fund growth initiatives.


Our values, mission, and vision are not just words – they are the “true north” for all decisions and practices


If you say it, do it – with integrity
Value the strengths and contributions of others
Bring It
All in, every day
Innovative thinking solves problems and drives value
Focused determination with a sense of urgency
Greater together
Sense of Humor
Laugh and have fun along the way


To glorify God as we partner with extraordinary people, engage in meaningful work and generate exceptional returns


Impact the world through relationships and returns


We provide talented management teams with the capital, support and resources required to optimize company growth and build stakeholder equity

We provide talented management teams with the capital, support and resources required to 

optimize company growth and build stakeholder equity


ReignRock has a substantial network of diverse capital sources that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each business partnership.  Unlike funds with fixed investment timeframes to enter and exit investments, we have flexibility to match capital requirements to business need.  For each transaction, capital sources are selected based on hold time requirements, capital needs and strategic synergies, so the needs of the capital sources align with the capital needs of the business.  Equally important, the ReignRock partners personally invest capital in every sponsored transaction.

Value-added Support

Each one of our management team relationships is unique, based on the needs of the business and the vision of the management team. In all cases, we want to provide value without interfering in the day-to-day operations of our portfolio companies. We like to dream with the business owner, to imagine the future as they see it, and then ask ourselves how we can help. The first step in building a partnership is a thorough analysis of historic business drivers which leads to the development of a shared strategic vision that can accelerate growth. Our team has a deep set of operational and transactional skill sets that provide value to companies with specific needs at various growth stages.  Whether it is capital, strategic advice, operational efficiencies, human resources, acquisition/financial support or M&A based growth initiatives, our team engages with management to achieve desired outcomes.  ReignRock also has a substantial network of seasoned executives who provide beneficial counsel as well as catalytic relationships.

Partnerships Built on Trust

Our team is committed to maintaining and building trust within all relationships. This requires transparent communications, consistent accountability, diligent follow-through and relevant competency.  No opportunity or challenge is worth compromising our core values or the trust of our partners.